Update: It's all about the system.

Dear friends,

Many thanks for continuing to follow me on the journey of putting this book together.

Over the last week or two, I've been thinking about what makes this book different from others out there. And I think it's this: a focus on teaching modelling as an integrated system. Model structure and workflows are both parts of that system. I don't see other writers on modelling talking about what they do as parts of a system. And I think that makes all the difference.

I've therefore rewritten the whole of the Introduction in Part 1 of the book with this in mind. I've lost all the stuff on "how to be a great modeller". In the end, I decided that was all a bit pompous.

I'd dearly love to hear your feedback on how this lands with you. Is this is a useful concept/approach?

Here are links to the new chapter structure in Part 1. Each section is very short.

I also wrote a couple of additional chapters on working capital after a useful teaching session on Full Stack Modeller.

I'd love to hear your views about whether this "modelling as a system" focus is helpful. Part of me wonders whether it's only interesting to me. But then that's true of the whole book!

Many thanks again, your comments and support are invaluable. Please keep them coming.



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