Financial Modelling Mastermind Group

Last week I posted the idea of a Financial Modelling Mastermind group on LinkedIn. I've included the text of the post below. I had enough interest to make it worthwhile going forward with it.

The idea is to create a space for experienced professional modellers to come together to share ideas, best practices, experiences, issues.

To learn from each other.

I'm sharing this with you in case this might be of interest. You can read the LinkedIn post below, and if you're interested, let me know here.

Thanks for reading,


The best ideas often emerge through collaboration.

Collaboration requires openness.

In financial modelling, we often guard our ideas.

Not wanting to give away our “edge”.

What if we did something different?

Something like a modelling mastermind group.

A group where experienced, professional modellers meet to share ideas, lessons learned, innovations.

Not a space for learning the ropes. There are already lots of options for that.

Not a place for marketing or pitching.

Not a place to convince others why your way is best.

Instead, a place to be part of a community of experts.
To learn from each other's experiences.

No money changes hands. The cost of entry is the ideas you're willing to share. You get what you're willing to give.

Part of me thinks it probably won't work. But I've learned that good ideas often feel like that.

Does such a thing exist?

If not, are there any pro modellers who would be interested?

You can find out more and register your interest.


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