Financial Modelling Mastermind Group

Feb 17th update: Applications are now closed.

Thanks for responding to my post on LinkedIn.

To get us started, here are some initial thoughts on now this group could work.

I propose we have an initial meeting where we discuss these initial ideas and shape together the ground rules of the group and how we want it to operate. I'll propose a time for a first meeting once I see the level of interest.

I don't want to "own" or "lead" the group, but I'm happy to take the lead in getting started.

  1. The group is for experienced professional modellers only. We will have to set a "bar" for entry. For example, at least 5 years of experience. The group is not a place for new or junior modellers to learn the ropes. Once we hit a certain level of experience, it can be hard to learn more, especially in companies where you are "the modelling guru"; you spend your time teaching others - but where are you going for your own learning?
  2. Membership is based on being willing to openly share new ideas, lessons learned, challenges etc. Of course, client/project confidentiality will have to be protected; but ideas and approaches can be extracted into shareable formats.
  3. The group is owned by the members. Changes in rules, methods etc, are decided by the group.
  4. No money changes hands. The group is for experienced modellers to learn from and support each other.
  5. I suggest we have an initial group and then close for new members for a period of time. I'd suggest six months. During that time, we want to shape the group and build trust with each other. We can then decide later when and how we admit new members.
  6. The group should be a supportive and open place. Not a place to convince others why anybody's approach is better, but rather to share what's working and what's not with each other so that we can all learn.  
  7. I propose we meet monthly and have different members lead each session, just sharing something of value with the group. Perhaps we each suggest something we can teach, and the group votes. We'll figure all that out.
  8. There should also be "social" time in the group meetings, a chance to get to know each other and build new relationships that might not otherwise happen.
  9. Anybody who is just in "take" mode in the group and is not willing to share ideas openly will be removed.  

As I said, these are just my initial ideas. It will be for the group to discuss and decide how we want to operate at our first meeting.

If you're still interested in joining the group, please complete the form below. I'll review and collate the responses. Please note - if you're not an experienced professional modeller, I won't be able to invite you to the group.

Thanks for being here,


Applications to join the group are now closed.


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