The 1.4m formula

My friend Gerard shared this one.

It measures 1.4m if you stretch it out. Brilliant.

Keep them coming.  

=IF(AND( $N97<>1,$O97<>1),$F97*$I97 * IF( AND( HeavyVehInd=2, X$4>=RoadStartYr), (1-$L97),(1-$K97))*(1-INDEX( X$5:X$7, MATCH($Q97,$Q$5:$Q$7,0))), IF(AND($N97=1,$O97=1), IF(OR(BiomassInd=1,AgInd=1),0, IF(X$4>= MAX(BiomassStartYr,AgStartYr), $F97*$I97* IF(AND(HeavyVehInd=2,X$4>=RoadStartYr), (1-$L97), (1-$K97))*(1-INDEX(X$5:X$7,MATCH($Q97,$Q$5:$Q$7,0))),0)), IF($N97=1,IF(BiomassInd=1,0, IF(X$4>=BiomassStartYr, $F97*$I97* IF(AND(HeavyVehInd=2,X$4>=RoadStartYr), (1-$L97), (1-$K97))*(1-INDEX(X$5:X$7, MATCH($Q97,$Q$5:$Q$7,0))),0)), IF($O97=1, IF(AgInd=1,0, IF(X$4>=AgStartYr, $F97*$I97*IF(AND(HeavyVehInd=2, X$4>=RoadStartYr), (1-$L97),(1-$K97)) * (1-INDEX(X$5:X$7,MATCH($Q97,$Q$5:$Q$7,0))),0))))))


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