How to sense check the units in your model

Like checking for duplicate row labels, checking the units in your model is not something you'll have to do very often. It can help you pick up errors and inconsistencies, however.

Quite often, inconsistencies can creep into the units in our model. For example, we might be working on the model and use USD 000s as a label. Somebody else in the model may use $ 000s without realising.

Adopting the habit of using the named range "SMU" for the standard units in a model helps to maintain the consistency of the commonly used units in the model.

The Productivity Pack utilities can give you a list of all the units used in the model. This gives you a quicker way of checking for any errors or inconsistencies in units or finding units that should not be there.

To create a list of all the units used in the model:

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