Why I'm writing in public

"If you wish you would take something more seriously, do it publicly… Social pressure forces you to up your game." - James Clear

Imagine I'm designing and building a house for you.

I know that you want a house because you told me.

And so rather than discuss what you need I just get to work. I design the house the way I think you want it, and I build the whole thing.

A few months, and a lot of hard work later, I present the house to you.

It's pretty unlikely that it's going to be the house you want.

I've run a lot of modelling courses, so I have a pretty good idea of how people learn modelling. I know where they get stuck. I have a decent idea of what new skills people find useful.

But I've never put these ideas into a book before.

I have no idea if the sequence or the structure is right.

Is it helpful to teach the model design concepts before the model build skills? I've distilled the model build skills down to 12 core skills. Once you've mastered these you can pretty much build any model. But does that make sense. What have I missed?

I’m publishing as I go in the hope that I’ll get feedback and comment and be able to shape the book into something remarkably useful, before hitting the publish button.

I'm glad that you're here so early in this process.

I hope that you'll take a risk and offer your feedback.


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