Aesthetics vs practicality

And the small question of price.

I'd like your advice as we take the final steps before publishing.

We've been testing different binding options. I've been torn between the practicality of wire binding vs the aesthetics of soft back binding.

The softback binding looks better and feels more "premium", but the wire binding is so much more practical.

I think this is a book that people will use while they are in front of their computer practising the skills. Being able to lie the book flat on a desk is, I think, more important than how it looks on a bookshelf.

This also ties into the issue of price. I'm planning to sell the book for £89. The complete pack of models will be emailed to the buyer upon purchase. Since many of you have read most if not all of it - what do you think? Is this a crazy amount to ask for a book? It's never going to be a mass market hit, and for those that it is intended to serve, I think it gives real value. But again, I've been debating with myself for weeks now on this.

And so I'd be really grateful for your feedback on the choice of binding and pricing.

At the moment we're completing the purchase page set up then we'll be ready to go very soon.

Thanks to all of you who have messaged asking when it will be ready and when you can buy it! I really appreciate the support.



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