What to do if Control+Shift+0 is not working to unhide columns

We like to be able to hide unused columns at the end of the model timeline. If we need to change the timeline we want to be able to easily unhide columns again.

The Excel keystroke to unhide columns is Ctrl+Shift+0. Many users find that this does not work.

Here’s how to change your keyboard settings to fix that:

1. In Windows settings, select “Time & Language”

2 From the Time & Language settings, select Language:

3 From the language dialogue, select Keyboard

4 From the Keyboard dialogue, Select Language Bar Options

A new dialogue will then open. I say new. It looks like it’s leftover from older versions of windows!

5 Select Advanced Key Settings

6 With “Between input languages” selected, click on Change Key Sequence

7 Select “Not assigned” under “Switch Keyboard Layout”

Your Control+Shift+0 problems should now be a thing of the past.


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