Introducing the Project Finance Modelling Handbook


Thank you to those of you who have purchased the Financial Modelling Handbook since we published it on Friday. I'm also grateful for the many messages of support and encouragement.

Having had such a positive response, I've started working on my next book, the Project Finance Modelling Handbook.

The PF Modelling Handbook will build on the core model structuring and build skills shared in the first book and look at all the areas of complexity that come up when modelling PF transactions.

As I did with the Financial Modelling Handbook, I'll publish each chapter online as I write it. The feedback and input I received for the first book greatly impacted the finished item. I'm hoping for the same again.

I've published the draft table of contents and added the first chapter describing the stages of a project finance transaction and the impact on model structure.

Looking forward to your comments.



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