Dare I say "nearly there"?

I've been thinking that we are nearly there for weeks now.

But we really are nearly there.

After my last update, we split the book into two volumes as it was just too big. Once we got the new version back from the designer, we realised it was a terrible way to make the book smaller. If people just bought the case study part, they wouldn't have access to all the model-build techniques and processes. What a crappy book that would be.

So we have put it all back together again.

To make it smaller, we have removed quite a few non-core chapters, which will now be signposted in the book as "Additional online reading".

And so we're now doing final, final checks and proofreading.

Thank you, beta readers.

As I promised when I started this project, I'm putting the names of the "beta readers" into the book and will send each of you a free copy when we publish.

You really did make this book better than it would ever have been without your input.

I have listed the beta readers here. If I have missed your name from the list, please please please let me know so that I can include you before we publish.


I've added two new chapters on how to use and how to set up a change log sheet in your model. I've also just posted an updated version of the Productivity Pack macros. See the Release Notes page for what we've added and updated.

I've also been responding to some questions from training clients. You can see the complete list of recent Q&A posts here.

Thanks as ever for following. We really are getting close.



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